Past Presidents

Sons Supreme Presidents 1926 – 2001

The Sons of Pericles National Advisory Board, in keeping with the spirit of the AHEPA Biennial Salute (March 20, 2000 -Honoring Our Veterans) decided in September 1999 to honor its past. Advisory Board Chairman Steve Kafkis commissioned a pictorial portrait that depicts every Sons of Pericles Supreme President from 1926 to 2000.  This portrait was unveiled during the Biennial Weekend.

Currently, there have been 62 Supreme Presidents that served the highest office in the Order and were depicted on this portrait.  Fortunately, AHEPA headquarters had a majority of pictures in their files.  The research committee contacted those that were missing and had them send in a picture of themselves from that era.  In doing the research, for this project, the committee encountered Past Presidents reminiscing about their days as Sons.  The memories, the good work as well as the friends that were made remain to this day as one of the most important and rewarding parts of their lives.  Many have decided to renew their membership in the Senior Order and have offered their support to the present and future members of the Sons of Pericles.

As you know, the Sons of Pericles were started in 1926 by a group of Manchester, N.H. Ahepans.  The founder was Dr. Alexander Cambadhis.  He helped the fledging new youth group with their dealings with other organizations as well as with the Order of AHEPA.  His goal and the goal of the Sons of Pericles is to promote Hellenism to the youth and to keep the fire of our Motherland burning for generations to come.

Eighteen different U.S. states have produced 61 Supreme Presidents and Canada has produced one.  The Sons of Pericles offer its members a chance to prosper within and to learn how to conduct themselves in business today.  The Sons of Pericles have also produced leaders for the Order of AHEPA.  Many have gone on to serve as AHEPA Chapter Officers, District Officers, Supreme Lodge Officers, and on the Board of Directors.  Furthermore, five (5) Past Supreme Presidents of the Sons have continued on and became Supreme Presidents of the Order of AHEPA.  The highest position in the Order.